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ARMC 2022 election, district 4: In the absence of development work, each candidate will have to win the hearts of the citizens. Amravati municipal corporation election 2022 ARMC election 2022 corporator shree sant gadgebaba ward 4 maharashtra news in marathi



With the change of power in the state, this will have an impact on the municipal elections

A thorn in the side of the BJP

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Amravati- Municipal elections in the state (CMRA Election 2022) Accordingly, the leaders began the meeting session in the state. Over the past five years in Amravati, the BJP (BJP) was the mayor. It is therefore no more difficult for them to bring power back there. But in state policy (Policy) due to a major change, some of its effects will be felt again in municipal elections. Many municipal elections in the state will be held simultaneously. Last time in Ward No. 4 Shri. Gopal Dharmale won the election.


Total – 19656

A. go – 2865

A. J-605

Service from where to where

Answer- From the junction of Paradise Colony Road and Navsari Tarkheda Shiv Road i.e. from the square near Minaj Patel’s house to the east by road M. From there to the northeast corner of the Gaikwad’s house, along the road to the south, Mr. Santhosh Tantarpale’s house from there east on the main road to Samrat General Stores then north on the main road Textbook Road to T Junction then east on the main road to VMV on Shegaon – Rahatgaon Road. at the southeast corner of the premises

East – Vi. on Shegaon Rahatgaon Road. Mr Vi. Main south from the southeast corner of the area

By road to the southeast corner of the New Farm Commodity Market Committee.

South – From the southeast corner of the New Agricultural Produce Bazar Samiti west along the main road to the southwest corner of the Samiti Agricultural Produce Market then south to the Diamond Country Liquor Shop then to the west along road to Rishikesh Gentus Parlor then south along Unique Creation: Shop road from there west along Sh road. Aga Khan House from there north and up west by road to Shri Mau. Rafic Md. Ishaq’s house from there on the road north of M. To the workshop of the contractor Hasanbhai and from there west by road to the T-junction of Valgaon Road, c ie to Lija Paints and Hardware

From the west – Walgaon Road T Junction North on the main road to the northwest corner of Manma Station From there east on the road to Saifia Jubilee High School Shashkia then Race Paradise Colony Road and Tathekda Navsari Shiv Road Junction

Neighborhood name Mahendra Colony, New Cotton Market

4 – (a) General Women 4 – (b) General 4 – (c) General

Calculation of membership and reservation

1 Total population of the municipality: – 6,47,057 (according to the 2011 census)

2 Population of scheduled castes: – 1,11,435 (according to the 2011 census)

3 Population of Scheduled Tribes: – 15,955 (as of 2011 census) 4 Number of elected municipal members: – 98

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