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armed robbery in the middle of the afternoon in Boisar; Lampas instead of eight lakhs – armed robbery in the middle of the afternoon in boisar



Mr. Ta. Press Service, Palghar: The incident happened on Friday afternoon when thieves robbed the office of a private businessman in broad daylight in Boisar and looted hundreds of thousands of rupees and jewelery at gunpoint . Due to this, an atmosphere of panic was created among market traders.

This is the case

Shree Rajshree Transport and Rajshree Chemical company of Rajendra Rathod and Surendra Rathod has its office at Ostwal Empire in Boisar. Five to seven people robbed this office in broad daylight using knives, sticks and guns. A woman and an employee and a tea seller were tied up and threatened with death, and looted a total of eight to ten lakhs, including cash worth four and a half lakh rupees and gold jewelry and in silver worth three to four lakhs. Half an hour later, after getting information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene. But it turned out that the thieves had already left the station area. The thieves also looted the mangalsutra from the employee’s neck and the tea vendor’s ring. All CCTV cameras in Rathod’s office were off.

Given the seriousness of the incident, Police Commissioner Balasaheb Patil visited the scene. Boisar Police dispatched seven teams under the leadership of Police Inspector Pradeep Kasbe to search for the thieves in different areas.

However, while the value of the jewelry looted in the theft was Rs 3-4 lakh, the police only recorded Rs 52,000 in the FIR and there is no mention of the cash amount of Rs 4.5. lakh. A request was also made to transfer the investigation of this crime to the Crime Branch.

The problem of law and order is serious

The problem of law and order is becoming serious in the town and region of Boisar. Crimes such as burglary, theft in factories in industrial areas, the increasing use of narcotics are frequently highlighted. Added to this is the armed robbery that took place in broad daylight and market traders are in a state of panic because of this incident.