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ashok chavan sensational allegations written complaint to nanded police additional superintendent



Nande: Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has complained to police that unidentified people prepared fake defamatory letters by misusing ministerial letterhead. Not only that, we are being watched. Ashok Chavan also made a serious allegation that there was an attempt to cause an accident.

Unidentified individuals obtained government letters from when he was Minister of Public Works and created fake blank letterheads by retaining the signature and deleting the original text. What’s special is that they already knew that. They also received a blank letterhead with only the signature. Therefore, he had already met with District Superintendent of Police Shri Krishna Kokate and brought this matter to his attention. According to this, the police investigation also started from January 31. However, after receiving a fake letter written to then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on a similar fake blank letterhead, Chavan immediately met with Nanded Police Extra Superintendent Abhinash Kumar and filed a written complaint about it, Ashok Chavan informed.

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Since a fake letter with my signature has been prepared, there is a strong possibility that similar fakes will be fabricated and misused in the future. Ashok Chavan expressed the suspicion that these fake documents might have been prepared to tarnish the image politically and create misunderstandings among the public as there are many elections in the upcoming period. By creating fake letters, there may be an attempt to disturb social peace and public order by creating doubts in various communities. Considering the seriousness of the matter and its possible consequences, Chavan demanded that a case be filed immediately in this case.
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Moreover, in Mumbai and Nanded, we are watched by individuals or mercenaries. We see that said person collects information about my meetings and travels by following me. Ashok Chavan also expressed serious suspicions in this complaint that there might be a plot to kill me. Ashok Chavan also demanded in his letter that the police take due cognizance of this whole matter and take immediate action.