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Ashwini Jagtap wins election, who benefited from Chinchwad by-election? Chinchwad bypoll bjp candidate ashwini jagtap wins election



Chinchwad, Pune: Ashwini Jagtap, wife of late MLA Laxman Jagtap, won a big victory in the Chinchwad Assembly constituency by-election. Due to this victory, Ajit Pawar, a great leader of the NCP and the leader of the opposition party, received a big shock. And it is said that Ajit Dada had made great efforts to win this election. BJP candidate Ashwini Jagtap gave his first reaction after winning the Chinchwad by-election. The fortress came but the lion left. Saheb left, but he wanted to maintain his fort. All maintained this fort. This victory is dedicated to Saheb, Laxman Jagtap and ordinary people, said Ashwini Jagtap.

The winning candidate from Chinchwad constituency, Ashwini Jagtap dedicated his victory to the place where Laxman Jagtap was set on fire. A large crowd of his followers gathered at this place. At that time, Ashwini Jagtap was emotional.

According to Chinchwad constituency data till 37th round of counting, Ashwini Jagtap got 1 lakh 35 thousand 434 votes, Nana Kate got 99 thousand 343 votes and Rahul Kalate got 44 thousand 82 votes. Ashwini Jagtap won this election with 36,770 votes. Ashwini Jagtap is the first female MP elected to the Chinchwad Legislative Assembly.

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After the victory, Ashwini Jagtap gave his first reaction. This election was very important for us. The fortress came but the lion left. Saheb left, but he wanted to maintain this fort. This fort has been successfully maintained. This victory belongs to Laxman Jagtap and ordinary voters. I dedicate this victory to him, declared Ashwini Jagtap. I will work as an ordinary people’s deputy. She said I will work the same way Saheb used to work. We are going to the budget session of the legislature. I will go after being called by the superiors of the party. Ashwini Jagtap explained after the victory that due to Rahul Kalat’s rebellion, he definitely benefited from the election.

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