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Attempted murder of Solapur friend, in Solapur, three defendants cut private parts of unmarried friend, defendants are sentenced to 30 years hard labor and… – maharashtra crime news



Solapur: The Solapur District Court handed down an important verdict on Monday. Three people got together and tried to kill a young bachelor by cutting off his private parts. The Chief District Judge of Solapur District, Shabbir Auti, ordered that the three defendants be sentenced to thirty years hard labor and pay compensation of Rs.

Hussaini Nabilal Jeure (23 years old, Res. Karjagi, Ta Akkalkot, Solapur District), A Hameed alias Ameer Nazir Mulla (Rest. Maddi Tadwalga, Ta Indi, Vijaypur District, Karnataka), Khadirsab alias Munna Chandwalsaheb Patel (Rest. Tadwalga, Ta Indi, Vijaypur District, Karnataka) are the names of the convicted defendants.

The victim is a friend of the three defendants. The incident happened on the night of 17th November 2021 at Kadabgaon in Dakshin Solapur taluka of Solapur district. The main defendant in this case is Hussaini Jeure and he suspected the victim of having an immoral relationship with his wife. Because of this, he brought his friend to Solapur to ask him to go to dinner and after beating him, he cut off his genitals.

Victims, Hussain Jeure, Khadirsab Patel, A. Hamid Mulla are all friends. All four worked as rickshaw drivers. The victim’s friend was going to Hussaini Jeure. Hussaini Jeure was married. He has always been suspicious of his wife. He was angry with the friend that his wife and his friend had an immoral relationship. Eventually, he hatched a plot.

Khadirsab Patel and A. Planned to kill Hamid Mulla along with his friend. On the night of November 17, 2021, they took the victim to a dhaba saying he wanted to go out for dinner. After having dinner, he was taken to Kadabgaon at Dakshin Solapur taluka, saying that a rickshaw had stopped. Beating him in the dark of night, Hosseini Jeware cut his friend’s private parts with a blade and threw it aside.

The two people who were with them were holding hands and feet. After the genital mutilation, heavy bleeding occurred. At that point, the three fled, leaving the injured youth unconscious. On the morning of November 18, citizens saw the young man lying on the road and informed the Akkalkot police. Police rushed to the scene and inspected, the injured youth and his private parts were taken to Akkalkot Rural Hospital for treatment. Doctors rescued the young man but failed to attach his genitals.

The South Akkalkot Police Station, while the young bachelor was undergoing treatment, filed a complaint and arrested the three accused. Police Inspector Baird conducted all investigations and filed the indictment in court. A total of 14 witnesses were interviewed in the said case. The testimony of the victim’s friend, the prosecutor, the policeman, the doctor and the investigator proved to be important.

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The testimony and response given by the victim complainant appeared to be consistent with the incident. The district court accepted the testimony of the victim plaintiff stating that it was material. The argument put forward by the Crown was accepted. Also, the district court sentenced all three defendants to 30 years of hard labor noting that this incident is rare among the few and that the young unmarried victim was cut off from her private parts and caused immense damage while throughout his life. He was also ordered to pay Rs. 30 lakh as Rs. 10 lakh each to young unmarried victims.

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At the end of the hearing within fifteen days, the verdict will be rendered

The case was transferred from another court to the district court on February 13, 2023 in order to dispose of the case as soon as possible. The district judge heard all the witnesses within fifteen days and delivered his verdict on February 28, 2023, taking into account the testimony of the victim. Adv Madhuri Deshpande, Adv Nagnath B. on behalf of the government in this matter. Gunde, the attorney for the original plaintiff Adv Hussain Bagwan, Adv Riyaz Shaikh appeared for the accused.

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