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Balasaheb Thorat back to flying birds… Satyajit Tambe says this is a poem you like don’t interpret the tweet differently – mlc sajyajit tambe explained the meaning of the poem he tweeted



Ahmadnagar: MP Satyajit Tambe, who caused a stir by tweeting that after Mama Balasaheb Thorat expressed her desire to reactivate the party, “Flying birds shouldn’t fancy coming back, there should always be a new direction in sight. .. You can build a nest at any time, you have to have the courage to jump beyond the horizon.” has now taken on a different role. Tambe told Kopargaon today that this tweet should not be interpreted differently, it is a poem that I love.

MP Tambe is currently on a thank you tour of the constituency. Today he was in Kopargaon. At the time, when asked about the tweet by the media, Tambe said, “It shouldn’t be interpreted any differently. That day I went to a school reunion. A student had presented this poem there. I liked her. So I tweeted these lines. MP Tambe explained that there is no political significance behind this.

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What role will copper play next?

After being suspended from Congress for contesting the election of the Nashik graduate constituency as an independent, attention is focused on the role Tambe will play next. In this way, his maternal uncle Balasaheb returned to Sangamner after a serious illness. At that time, a great program was organized to welcome him. At that time, Thorat said, “Satyajit cannot do without Congress and Congress without Satyajit. So how long they will remain independent, let’s decide as soon as possible. The next day, Tambe tweeted this. Therefore, it has been interpreted that Tambe disagreed with the advice given by his uncle and might have decided to go a different route. News of this has also been released. After that today in Kopargaon, Tambe said the exact meaning of his tweet.

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Thorat became active

After recovering from an illness, Balasaheb Thorat is now active in politics. He went to Mumbai again yesterday. A meeting of the regional committee of the Congress is being held there today. This meeting is held in the presence of the President of the State Nana Patole. Thorat was also invited for this. In Congress, it is understood the two have begun to reconcile and withdraw the action against the Tambe family as well as the district executive. We also see that Thorat actively participates in all this.