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The daughter of Balasaheb Thorat in politics | For a few days, on the occasion of the elections of the graduates of Nashik, the policy of Ahmednagar knows a rapid evolution. It is still unclear whether or not Satyajit Tambe will return to Congress.

The daughter of Balasaheb Thorat in politics
The launch of Jayashree Deshmukh-Thorat in politics

Strong points:

  • Satyajit Tambe Pond and Garden
  • Political launch of the girl by Balasaheb Thorat
Ahmadnagar: When MLA nephew Satyajit Tambe was about to leave Congress, top Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat, his daughter Dr. Jayashree Thorat was thrown into politics. Thorat’s military reception to Sangamner and Dr. On Jayashree’s birthday, Thorat made a suggestive statement to Dr. This marked Jayashree’s official political entry. Cancer specialist Dr. Jayashree Thorat has been active in the social sector in Sangamner taluka for several days. He never advanced the family name while pursuing his college education. After MBBS, he completed his MD in Blood Cancer. After that, he worked in the blood cancer ward at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai. He has also been working through the Ekvira Foundation for four years. His name has often been mentioned as the political successor of Thorat. Even after marriage, she is known as Thorat in the constituency. After the discussion of Tambe entering the BJP on the occasion of the election in the Nashik Graduate Constituency, Dr. Jayashree’s name started to be discussed more vigorously. She remained active in the constituency while Thorat was hospitalized.
Maharashtra Politics: the “return” of Balasaheb Thorat; What will happen to Satyajit Tambe?
When Thorat returned to the taluk on Monday evening, he received a warm welcome. At this time Dr. Jayashree’s birthday was also celebrated. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Thorat said. Activists mentioned Jayashree Dr. Thank you for accepting Jayashree and celebrating his birthday in a big way. Besides Dr. It has also been said that Jayashree is now well involved in politics. In the same event, Thorat advised his nephew MLA Tambe to return to Congress. However, on the second day, Tambe attempted to send a different message by tweeting an indicator. In this context, Thorat implied that his daughter had entered politics during public events. Satyajit Tambe got an independent constituency. The party decision will also be made in the future. Now Dr. What provision will be made for Jayashree? Will Thorat himself stop for them? What will their party be? This will also become clear now.
Warrior welcome from Balasaheb Thorat to Sangamner, valuable advice given to his nephew Satyajit

Such a cautious attitude

A Twitter account in the name of Balasaheb Thorat’s second daughter, Sharyu Deshmukh, had been running for a long time. Amid the political events, there was a post criticizing Congresswoman State Speaker Nana Patole. As soon as his discussion started. Even though Thorat was in the hospital, he took it upon himself to file a complaint with the police saying the account was fake.

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