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bhagat singh koshyari breaking news, not surprised to hear ‘theory’ offered by governor; Why did Rohit Pawar say that? – Rohit Pawar attacks Governor Bhagatsingh Koshyari’s statement



Ahmadnagar: NCP MP Rohit Pawar also reacted to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari’s statement regarding Mumbai. “Mumbai’s position today is due to the collective efforts of all. But maybe they won’t reduce it to saying that Mumbai should be separated from Maharashtra by discrimination,” Pawar said. (bhagat singh koshyari latest news)

Maharashtra Governor Bhagatsinh Koshyari said the contribution of Rajasthan-Gujarati communities to the development of Mumbai and Thane and in particular to making Mumbai the financial capital of the country is remarkable. After that, as the tone of criticism mounted from Shiv Sena and MNS, the NCP also strongly criticized the governor’s statement.

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Pawar said: “I was not surprised to hear the new ‘theory’ offered by the governor yesterday regarding Mumbai, keeping an eye on the upcoming municipal elections. Because till now there have been repeated attempts to reduce the importance of Mumbai through many things like IFSC center, high speed train, shipyard now they are trying to destroy the identity Marathi, but Maharashtra will never tolerate it. Mumbai’s current position is due to the collective efforts of all. But Rohit Pawar also threatened that he could not discriminate and separate Mumbai from Maharashtra.

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Moreover, ‘Mumbai and Maharashtra have a spirit as big as the sea to welcome everyone. Taking advantage of this, the attempt of a great man living by the seashore to belittle the Marathi people and create a language and provincialism is unfortunate and hurts the feelings of Maharashtra. Pawar also said that there is a real need today to send a letter to the government to help people who have been damaged by heavy rains, such as the decision to call a session for a vote of confidence, rather than a person in a position of responsibility. make controversial statements.

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