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birsa munda medical center, medical center set up by tribals for tribals, the first project in the country – birsa munda medical center community hospital in nashik



Nasik: The inauguration ceremony of the “Birsa Munda Medical Hub”, which is equipped with modern facilities and inspired by social welfare, will end on August 7. The specialty of this medical center is that the tribal people working in different fields have set up this project with their own money with the aim of providing medical facilities to the tribal people, the weak and economically disadvantaged sections at a very modest cost. Health services will be provided to the needy on a partially free basis. This is the first project in the country where disadvantaged groups have come together in this way.

Objective of the medical hub

Even today, most tribals suffer from minor or serious illnesses and lose their lives due to lack of adequate health care and financial constraints. With this in mind, Birsa Munda Medical Hub was established with the aim of providing a strong base of support to tribal brothers not only in Maharashtra but also across the country. Many medical specialists from various places in most districts of Maharashtra which are tribal dominated areas have joined in this work.

This medical center will certainly be a beacon of hope for the tribes living in the padas in very remote areas. This is an attempt to create an easy way to bring people deprived of healthcare facilities into the stream. The particularity is that it was the tribals who set up this project and they participated in this work out of a duty to society. Many philanthropists who are committed to social welfare have participated in this initiative. In addition, the efforts of farmers, teachers, savings groups, working class people, engineers and doctors contributed to the construction of the project.

medical pole shape

A hundred beds have been made available under the medical center. There will be a state-of-the-art X-ray machine, OTP, special ward, intensive care unit, accident ward, pharmacy, ambulance, blood storage unit under the pathology lab. The blood and urine testing facility will be available 24 hours a day in a state-of-the-art laboratory. 6 state-of-the-art operating theaters are equipped for all types of operations. Pediatric intensive care unit with 15 NICU beds. All types of inpatient services, including semi-special and special rooms, are provided.

A state-of-the-art radiology department with size 32 CT scan, digital X-ray ultrasound, MRI, etc. will be available for 24-hour service. At this medical center, patients can avail operations and treatments at 50% discount. In which you will get advice and guidance from expert doctors. A magnificent building was erected against the backdrop of Western style on an area of ​​about 2000 square meters.

This is a prestigious opportunity for tribal physicians and students engaged in the medical profession. Along with professional medical training, employment opportunities will be created within the medical profession. It also gave scope to important aspects like medical tourism in the future.

Modern rainwater harvesting technology was used. This medical hub was created with an eco-friendly and complementary approach. Which is very admirable and admirable in the current situation. The Executive Committee of the Medical Hub is made up of many expert physicians and prominent tribals.