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Solapur: A patient committed suicide by hanging himself at Jagdale Mama Hospital, Barshi Taluka in Solapur district on Wednesday afternoon, February 15 while undergoing treatment. Heartburn, stomach pain is treated. The name of the dead youth is Somnath Bibhishan Pisal (32 years old, Barshi, Solapur district). It is reported that due to this incident, the whole area has become agitated and the police investigation is ongoing.

According to the information received, Somnath has two children. As soon as he learned of the incident, he was rushed out of the hospital by his wife and children. A young man, Somnath Pisal, was treated at Jagdale Mama Hospital in Barshi for two days. Somnath suffered from heartburn and stomach pain. Somnath was also treated by a medical specialist in the city of Solapur.

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Eventually, he was admitted to Jagdale Mama Hospital for treatment as the problem continued to worsen. While giving information, Somnath’s brother said he knows the art of welding. Many people were satisfied with his work. He went abroad and did some welding work.

I had dinner with my mother in the afternoon, then I was hanged…

Somnath Pisal had a hearty meal with his mother on Wednesday afternoon. Discussed freely. Then he walked slowly to the third floor of the hospital. He went to room number C-6 in the pediatric ward and hanged himself. Hospital staff noticed that the patient had hanged himself. He immediately informed the relatives of Somnath Pisal who hanged himself and called the police. Barshi town police sent the corpse to the government hospital for an autopsy.

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