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bull satara falls to choke boy – Maharashtra satara 21 year old boy chokes to death during bullock cart race after bull falls on top of him



Saratar: A youth died accidentally during an oxcart race in Borkhal near Satara. The name of this young man is Pushkar Pawar (Rest. Ganeshwadi, Dist. Satara, 21 years old). It is reported that Pushkar died of suffocation after two bullock carts collided and the bull fell on him.

Today Bhairavanath Navatarun Mandal organized an ox cart race named Jarandeshwar Kesari in Borkhal. The bullock cart competition began around three o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as the flag was unfurled, the oxcarts raced with the speed of the wind. Pushkar, 21, was driving an ox cart. At this time, the ox from the ox cart behind him broke loose and fell on his body, and he died on the spot from suffocation. His heart and chest were also badly affected.

Pushkar Pawar is a resident of Ganeshwadi. He had a reputation for driving bullock cart races for the past three to four years. He used to drive oxcarts in various oxcart races large and small. A jockey said he was also praised many times in the bullock cart competition because he had loved it since childhood.

Pushkar was happy as he left home today. His relatives said he spoke sincerely to his relatives and friends today, his behavior today was different. He was acting playful before he came to the race. But fate had something else in store. Time attacked Pushkar who was happy all day. The incident wreaked havoc on the scene. The contest was immediately halted.

Bullock cart enthusiasts said organizers failed to provide medical facilities at the site. If there had been an ambulance, the suffocated Pushkar would have been immediately admitted to the district hospital after the first treatment. However, as this facility was not available, he died on the spot. He was taken to the district hospital in a private car.

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As soon as the news of the death of Pushkar, who was alone in his youth, was known, his parents, relatives and friends broke the Tahoe. After getting information about this incident, he rushed to Tadak Satara district hospital. Relatives, friends and villagers thronged to the district hospital.

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The incident was reported to Taluka Police Station late at night. The body was handed over to relatives after the autopsy was carried out late at night. Shocking reports have emerged that the organizers of the bullock cart race failed to obtain proper permission from the police station.

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