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burglary news, a house broken into, an old woman killed; Watched 96 hours of CCTV and revealed the mystery – thieves looted gold worth thousands of rupees by robbing a house in Degalur in Nanded, police arrested



Nanded:– Four lakhs of the house was looted after a robbery in Degalur. This time the woman was killed by binding her hands and feet with rope. This happened on January 23. The incident was resolved and five defendants were arrested in this case.

A robbery took place at the home of Shripatrao Ramji Patil in Shastrinagar on the road to Udgir. On this occasion, his wife Chandrakalabai Shripatrao Patil was killed by binding his feet and mouth with a rag. The thieves stole gold and silver worth 3 lakh 89 thousand rupees. A case has been recorded in Degalur thana in this regard. Under the leadership of the seniors, the team of Police Inspector Sohan Machare and Police Search Team of Sthagusha, Mukhed, Markhel, Mukramabad were formed.

Almost 96 hours of CCTV footage and technical analysis from Vadgaon Aurad, Santpur in the state of Karnataka. Police Inspector Nanasaheb Ubale, Deputy Police Inspector Dalvi, Odhane, Citykar, Cyber ​​​​Police Station provided strong technical support to these teams, Ravi Mundhe More, and Police Naik Sunil Patre, on the based on confidential information received by police Naik Sunil Patre, identified the accused in CCTV and identified the criminals involved in the crime. .

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His nephew Shahaji Martale informed the other defendant of the death of Chandrakalabai Shripatrao Patil. After that, the defendants planned the crime, lined up the house and killed the late Chandrakalabai Shripatrao Patil and confessed to forcibly stealing the valuables like gold and silver ornaments and a cell phone from her house. The accused in the said crime Vithawal Venkat Boinwad (Rest. Vassur Dist. Mukhed), Balaji Pandhari Sonkamble, (Rest. Mangyal, Dist. Mukhed), Gautam Dashrath Shinde (Rest. Vassur Dist. Mukhed), Sesherao Madhavrao Boinwad (Rest. Vasur Dist. Mukhed)), Shahaji Shriram Moratale (Rest. Moratalwadi Distt. Udgir) has been arrested, Superintendent of Police Shri Krishna Kokate told a press conference.

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