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CM Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister’s note on school complaint, wonderful letter of thanks from children; Read and see! – The students of the school sent a nice letter of thanks to CM Eknath Shinde for knowing about the complaint



Ahmadnagar: The children wrote a letter directly to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde regarding the Zilla Parishad school building. Noting this, the Chief Minister launched the system as soon as he gave instructions. So now they will have their new schools, the lost children reached Mumbai with the help of the villagers and sent a letter of thanks to the Chief Minister. This letter is also beautiful. The Chief Minister also liked it and shared it on social media. (School students sent a nice letter of thanks to CM Eknath Shinde)

Zilla Parishad school building at Bhatodi Pargaon in Nagar Taluka was destroyed. It was therefore demolished. As the school has no building, the school is held in a temple or under a tree. No one could say when the new building would be built. Therefore, the students of the school directly sent a letter to the chief minister and expressed their grief. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde immediately took notice and issued instructions to officials. So the relevant officials went to the village and inspected. Seeing the work speeding up, the little ones were lost.

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He met the Chief Minister with the help of Sarpanch Meenakshi Shinde, the village social activist lecturer Ganesh Shinde and thanked him. The students presented a picture drawn by themselves and a letter of thanks. The Chief Minister was also overwhelmed after seeing this letter of thanks. He said, this is the most unique gift I received after being sworn in as Chief Minister.

Letter of thanks to CM Eknath Shinde

The children’s wonderful letter of thanks to the Chief Minister; Read and see!

The students were shocked to see the Chief Minister in front of them. The students invited him to come to the village. Speaker Ganesh Shinde discussed various village issues with the Chief Minister. At that time Deputy Sarpanch Tarabai Bhosale. School education committee chairman Shweta Gund, Altaf Shaikh, Santosh Shinde, Atul Shinde, Suresh Bhosale from the cooperative department were present.

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The Zilla Parishad school building in the village dates from 1954. It was demolished due to obsolescence. It was demolished six months ago to avoid danger during the rainy season. Since then, the children have been harassed. Now the chief minister has ordered to start construction of the building immediately from the funds of the district planning board.

In the thank you letter, the students said that there are many people named Shinde who live in our village. The Sarpanch is also a Shinde. Additionally, the Chief Minister is also a Shinde. Thank you very much for listening to us. Students from Aradhya School Ganesh Shinde, Samarth Vitthal Tanpure, Atharva Sachin Umap, Sarthak Shinde, Atmaram Gund, Sai Gund decorated the thank you letter.

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Our question was directly addressed by the Chief Minister. It is a particular pleasure. Students from rural areas should also benefit from educational facilities. We insist on this. The Chief Minister responded immediately. We are grateful to them, said Pargaon Sarpanch Meenakshi Santosh Shinde.