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crime satara, used to see crowded places, savage fixed by surveillance, used to disappear after making a bet, finally police ended the game – crime satara update lonand police arrested three people for theft on the bus station st



Saratar: He used to travel hundreds of miles to see crowded places. We had to patrol and fix the crowds and when the ST bus came, when it was busy, we left in a separate car. Until then, passengers did not even realize that some of their belongings had been stolen. While this had been going on for several days, many offenses were also recorded in various police stations. However, the police in Lonand foiled their plan and handcuffed them. The perpetrators are not young people but women from active inter-district gangs.

Lonand Police arrested an active cross-district gang who took advantage of the crowds at the bus stop to steal gold ornaments from women’s necks. Haisabai Namdev Kamble Age 45 Res.Udgir Gandhinagar Oudgir Latur District, Haranabai Babu Age 65 Res.Bahegavarod, Anandnagar, Deganur District Deganur Distt. Nanded & Narsingh Kondiba Ban Age 38 Res. Oudgir Gandhinagar The names of the accused are Udgir District Latur.

A case has been registered at the police station in the case of stealing gold ornaments from women’s necks by taking advantage of crowds while boarding the bus at Lonand bus station. The authorities have been instructed by the authorities to investigate these crimes. As a result, Lonand Police Station Chief Saponi Vishal Vaikar and his colleagues detained the Innova car used to commit the crime and the alleged accused based on CCTV footage, a technical analysis of the ongoing crimes.

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The alleged female accused came from Udgir, Latur in an Innova car and drove to the boundaries of Lonand Police Station, Y (Satara), Aurangabad (rural), Kavthe Mahakal (Sangli), Sangli Shahr, Nashik, Otur (Pune), Lonikand (Pune). The investigation revealed that a total of 16 cases of theft were recorded. A total of 10 Tola gold jewelry and an Innova car worth Rs 15 lakh 40,000 stolen from the accused were taken into custody.

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This crime was investigated under the direction of District Superintendent of Police Satara Sameer Sheikh, Senior Superintendent of Police Bapu Bangar, Subdivision Police Officer Phaltan Tanaji Barde of Police Station by Lonand Saponi Vishal Waikar, Deputy Police Inspector Ganesh Mane, Deputy Police Inspector Swati Pawar, Constable Santosh Nale, Atul Kumar, Police Take Action by Naik Srinath Kadam, Sarjerao Sul, Amol Pawar, Faiyaz Sheikh, Abhijit Ghanwat, Avinash Shinde, Ketan Lalge, Pramod Kshirsagar, Driver Vijay Shinde, Vitthal Kale, Priya Durgude, Ashwini Mane and Police Officer Pulewad from Udgir, Latur Police Station.

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