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death case of sanjay biyani, sniper who shot dead businessman Sanjay Biyani in police custody; Will the ropes be returned? — Sniper who shot businessman Sanjay Biyani arrested by police



Nande: In the case of the murder of Sanjay Biyani, a mason in the city, the investigation system achieved significant success and the gunman who shot Biyani was arrested. On April 5, 2022, Sanjay Biyani was shot dead outside his house. The mastermind of this murder is terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda and his two snipers shot Biyani. Another fugitive main shooter, Deepak Suresh Ranga, was arrested by the National Investigation Agency at the Nepalese border.

Nanded police teams had traveled to numerous states to search for this shooter. Now, due to the arrest of the shooter, many aspects of Biyani’s murder and other incidents will come to light. Sanjay Biyani, a construction professional, was shot dead by an accomplice of Harvinder Singh Rinda for extortion. Because of this, there was excitement across the state. The then interior minister, Dilip Valse Patil, visited Biyani’s home and promised to arrest the accused.

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25 offenses against the accused in various states

25 cases have been registered against the accused, Deepak Suresh Ranga, who was arrested by the NIA in various states across the country. It includes the states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and now a case has also been recorded in Maharashtra. Police Superintendent Nanded Srikrishna Kokate with the SIT team has been camping abroad for the past few days. While the shooter in the Sanjay Biyani murder case has been arrested, who exactly is involved in the murder plot? It is possible that the police will get the thread of this. Additionally, the number of defendants in the case may also increase.

Meanwhile, a shooter was arrested in Gujarat a month ago. Deepak Suresh Ranga of this case was giving a boost to the system. On the other hand, many great businessmen of Nanded city were leaving Nanded city due to the terror of Rinda. With the arrest of the sniper in the Biyani murder, many threads of this case are at risk of falling into the hands of the police.