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death of nashik devlali students in an accident, wear of kaala while going to paper, acceleration of a truck hit Activa; Both died on the spot; The whole village stunned – Nashik Deolali camp, two students died in an accident while writing



Written by The wind has come | Edited by Prashant Patil | Maharashtra | Updated: March 2, 2023, 3:43 p.m.

Nashik News: A very sad incident took place in the Camp Devalali area of ​​Nashik. Two class 10 students died in an accident. Unfortunately, both of them died when they were run over by a high-speed truck on their way to 10th class.

Nashik Devlali students killed in accident
On the way to the log, the Activa was hit by a speeding truck; Both died on the spot; The whole village was amazed

Strong points:

  • Two students were run over by a truck on their way to the paper
  • Both died on the spot after being run over by the truck
  • Incident in the Nashik Deolali camp area
Nashik : A tragic incident took place in the neighborhood of the Deolali camp in Nashik. The weather attacked the students of the 10th class. A shocking incident took place when two students were run over by a truck on their way to deliver their 10th assignment and both died instantly.

According to the information received, two friends Shubham Ramdas Barkale (14 years old) and Darshan Shantaram Arote (14 years old), residents of Agastkhind in Sinnar taluka, were traveling on their two-wheeler Activa to give their class 10 paper to Janata Vidyalaya at Pandhurli on Thursday. Both died instantly after being hit by an HP petrol tanker in August. Today is the first paper of the 10th board and this unfortunate incident happened while going to give the paper.
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Meanwhile, students from Agastkhind in Sinnar taluka were going to a school in Pandhurli to give their papers. But time attacked them before that. Due to this incident, mourning has spread among the villagers of Augustakhind region and grief is expressed over the deaths of the two 10th students.

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