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death of nashik, family sought, but no trace; The body of a 47-year-old man who disappeared two days ago from his home has been found on the mountain after receiving information from his mobile location.



Nasik: A sensation has been created after the body of a missing person was found in the hilly area near the Anjaneri-Mulegaon road near the town. The name of the deceased is Bhausaheb Thakaji Gunjal (47, Vihitgaon, Nashik) and his body was found around Saturday afternoon.

More information received in this regard is that Bhausaheb Gunjal’s family had filed a complaint at Ambad Police Station in Nashik that he had been missing since March 2. In addition, the photo of his disappearance has gone viral on social networks. Finally, his body was found on Saturday. Bhausaheb had parked his bike near a hotel on Ghat road near Pratikedarnath temple on Anjaneri-Mulegaon road and rode up the hill. Also, the last location of his cell phone was found in the field in front of the hotel near the hill. At this time, his family began to search.

After contacting the police, the police searched the hills based on the last mobile location and with the help of local villagers. At that time, Bhausaheb’s corpse was found in the mountain ridge.

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After the discovery of the body, scratches were also seen on the body of Bhausaheb Gunjal. Therefore, the preliminary estimate is that he may have died from hitting the rock due to a fall. Additionally, his family said that Bhausaheb enjoys trekking. Bhausaheb Gunjal’s body has been brought from the place and a case of sudden death has been registered at Wadi Police Station and further investigation is being carried out by the police.