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decoration of grapes in vitthal rukmini mandir, Hey Vitthal! 1 ton of decorated grapes in the missing temple; That he took? Discussion in all Pandharpur – decoration of grapes in vitthal rukmini mandir pandharpur



Solapur: Every year Amlika Ekadashi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Vitthal temple in Pandharpur. On the occasion of Amalika Ekadashi, devotees in Pune decorated Vitthal Rukmini Temple with up to 1 ton of grapes. On the occasion of today’s Amalika Ekadashi, the choukhambi of Amalika Ekadashi, Vitthal and Rukmini Mata was decorated with 1 ton of grapes. Babasaheb Ramchandra Shende (Baramati), Punam Babasaheb Shende (Baramati), Sachin Anna Chavan (Pune) donated a ton of grapes to the temple for Aras. But in barely half an hour all those grapes disappeared. For this reason, various discussions started in the Vitthal temple area. This morning at six o’clock after the decoration, the devotees’ darshan began and within half an hour there was not a single pearl left from the ton of grapes.

The Vithal Mandir area sparks discussion; 1 ton of grapes disappeared in half an hour

Some people claimed that devotees who came for darshan ate these grapes. But who stole the hundreds of bunches of grapes planted outside the row of Darshan? This discussion takes place in the region of Vitthal Mandir. Although the matter of the grape is simple, there has been a demand to investigate how it happened in the temple. The feelings of devotees who gave grapes for decoration were also hurt in this way. Who exactly is in this category? Vitthal devotees hope that the temple administration should investigate immediately and prevent such incidents from happening again.

Arrived at 6am, grape gone at 6:30am

On the occasion of Amalika Ekadashi at Vitthal Rukmini Temple on Friday at 6 am, 1 ton of grapes were planted. However, after executing Aras, all those grapes disappeared from the temple in just half an hour. The temple committee said that these grapes were taken by devotees who came to the temple for darshan. But some worshipers have alleged that employees took the grape variety. For this reason, who actually took the grapes? This question is raised.

Amlaki Ekadashi; A ton of black-yellow grapes in Vitthal-Rukmini Gabhara

Aaras at the temple of Vitthal during the festival

In the Vitthal Rukmini temple in Pandharpur, various types of macaws are performed on the occasion of festivals and Ekadashi. Previously, flowers, pineapples and oranges were decorated. This array of fruit is kept throughout the day for worshipers to view. The next day, fruits of Aras are given to devotees. Even today, grapes would be given as Prasad to devotees after Aras. But less than half an hour after planting, the entire ton of grapes has disappeared. So it became a hot topic.

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