deepak kesarkar on uddhav thackeray, Shivsav Bhavan-Matoshree will also claim now? Kesarkar said ‘The greatness of Thackeray…’

deepak kesarkar on uddhav thackeray, Shivsav Bhavan-Matoshree will also claim now?  Kesarkar said ‘The greatness of Thackeray…’

Shirdi: Spokesperson for Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s group, Deepak Kesarkar, attended Sai Baba’s midday aarti in Shirdi on Wednesday. As the hearing proceeded in the Supreme Court regarding the disqualification of the MP, it was seen that Kesarkar was absorbed by Saichari. Kesarkar said that as the hearing is in court it is not possible to talk about it but as his name is Satyamev Jayate he is sure the truth will prevail in the end.

Will Shiv Sena claim Bhavan?

We did not claim any Matoshree or Shiv Sena Bhavan. Only by having a relationship with Balasaheb will our honor be preserved, but the Shiv Sainiks must live, they are the party because they are. Shinde Saheb is an ordinary activist. It is not at all that I should teach the thoughts of Balasaheb to the Shiv Sainiks. Kesarkar said it was necessary for Uddhav Thackeray to preserve the greatness of Matoshree.

“Should we bow down to Congress? Question to Thackeray »

Sometimes we should notice the chaos around us. Nobody dared to come between Balasaheb. Balasaheb’s thought was that even if I stayed alone, I would not go with the Congress. We’re moving forward with that. Should we lean towards Congress? This is the question. In saying this, Kesarkar reminded Uddhav Thackeray of Balasaheb Thackeray’s thoughts.

“Sanjay Raut is half Shiv Sena, half NCP”

Some people think that the event of the party is the event of the country. There is confusion in Sanjay Raut’s brain and Sanjay Raut is only fifty percent Shiv Sena and fifty percent NCP. Just loving Balasaheb does not mean he becomes a Shiv Sainik. Kesarkar slammed Sanjay Raut saying whoever loves Shiv Sena and NCP has to give a new definition.

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“The Awhas tried to stay away from the Pawars”

I was at the NCP, then I quit. Sharad Pawar is a great leader and I never criticized him. But after that Jitendra Awada tried to take me away from Pawar as well as Sanjay Raut also shows his abilities.

Tips for getting along with Narayan Rane

I had no conflict with Narayan Rane, I objected to the aggressiveness with which he spoke. But saying it’s over now, Deepak Kesarkar hinted that he will reconcile with Narayan Rane.

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“Good always with the Congress-NCP, it does not work”

When Chandrakant Khair was defeated, I was on the front line telling him to appoint him minister because he is a militant leader. I disagree that they should stay with NCP-Congress. In the land where Sambhaji Maharaj had thoughts, if such thoughts come to his mind today, what has happened to the fight so far? Kesarkar said this issue will be resolved in Aurangabadkar’s mind.

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