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deepali said ukhana fumble, VIDEO | Famous Ahmednagar actress Deepali Sayed groped while taking husband Ukhana’s name at srigonda agro exhibition



Ahmadnagar: Famous actress Deepali Sayed is a true supporter of the Thackeray faction, but she has not yet officially joined the Shiv Sena led by Eknath Shinde. Deepali, who was in an ambivalent state between Thackeray and Shinde for the first four months, finally came out in November, favoring Rashmi Thackeray. But it is said that she is still waiting to join the Shinde group.

Meanwhile, actress Deepali Syed attended the Home Minister’s Program held at Srigonda Agricultural Exhibition in Ahmednagar. This time, she herself joined the Home Secretary’s game. But taking the dish, they got confused.

What exactly happened?

Deepali Syed: Fenugreek Veggie in Fenugreek (Applause to self)
Publisher: Vegetables vegetables fenugreek… we have that
Deepali Syed: No-no…
Moderator: Good, good, OK. My cancellation is the same as theirs.
Deepali Syed: Right next to me… fenugreek is fenugreek because I like it, so fenugreek is fenugreek, fenugreek is fenugreek, but ok, it’s Rahim, fenugreek is fenugreek. .. and Bobirao is my love.
Director: No, it didn’t fit

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Who is Deepali Syed?

Deepali Syed contested the Ahmednagar District Assembly elections on the Aam Aadmi party ticket in 2014, but was defeated. After that, Deepali Syed joined Vinayak Mete’s Shiv Sangram organization. In addition, he contested the 2019 assembly election in Mumbra Kalwa constituency in Thane district on a Shiv Sena ticket. But he must have tasted the dust of defeat to veteran NCP leader Jitendra Awad.

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After the split at Shiv Sena, Deepali Syed spoke out for reconciliation. But he wasn’t getting much response from the Thackeray group. Syed, who stayed on the fence until November, finally defeated Thackeray. However, the news of his official entry into the Shinde group has yet to surface.

See the video:


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