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dr advay hiray where kunku is planted sukhane nanda who left bjp to join shivsena uddhav balasaheb thackeray



Nasik:Advaya Hire joins the Shiv Sena Thackeray faction of the BJP. His entry sparked heated debate in political circles. Advay Hire is the third generation heir to the family of Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hire who have contributed greatly to the United Maharashtra Movement as well as the educational and cooperative sector of Maharashtra.

Shinde Group leader and Nashik Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse reacted to Advay Hire’s entry into the party by saying ‘in a democracy anyone has the right to go anywhere’ . Dada Bhuse told Hire that “they should be happy in their last home, happy in the place where they planted kunku”.

After a vertical split in the Shiv Sena, Dada Bhuse joined the Shinde Sena. The Shinde group has formed an alliance with the BJP. Dr who opened a strong front against the pods after this incident. Advaya Hire faced a dilemma. Finally he brought the Thackeray group together.

In Nashik, on the one hand, the Thackeray group has lost ground, but the Shinde group is making strong progress. Thus, the Thackeray group of the Shiv Sena succeeded in diverting the BJP leader towards them. BJP leader Yuva Morcha, Dr. Advay Hire, is to join the Thackeray group after leaving the BJP.

After the Thackeray faction suffered a blow in Nashik, the BJP will now face a big blow in Malegaon. Along with this, there is talk that Advaya Hire vs. Dada Bhuse will be seen. Reacting to this, Dada Bhuse said that “he should be happy in his old house, he should live happily in the place where he planted kunku”.

Why did it come to the lips after three years in the stomach? Question to Jayant Patil

NCP State Chairman Jayant Patil has made a sensational statement. He said the swearing in of Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar could be a ruse by Sharad Pawar. So many discussions are going on. Meanwhile, Nashik’s Custodian Minister Dada Bhuse asked Jayant Patil, “If this is the case, why has Jayant Patil remained silent for so many years? Why did it come to the lips after being kept in the stomach for three years? Dada Bhuse asked such a difficult question to Patal.

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Meanwhile, speaking at this time, “financial planning is done in each district. The state budget is presented after examination of the whole state. A planning meeting was held today in this regard. Soon the Minister of Finance will be reviewing this. This information was also given by Nashik District Guardians Minister Dada Bhuse.

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