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drain line burst on main road at sidkco; The road from Balasaheb Thackeray Udyan to Sidco Colony was closed for several days – the drainage pipe burst on the main road from Thackeray Udyan to Govindnagar and Tidke Colony



Mr. Ta. Press Office, CIDCO

The Baddenagar water reservoir at the old CIDCO and the main road leading from Thackeray Udyan to Govindnagar and Tidke Colony were breached. As a result, the road has been closed for eight to ten days. The drainage line has put a “brake” on a main road causing inconvenience to motorists as they cannot use the road. Citizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with the sloppy governance of the Municipal Corporation. Old district no. 24 is the main road leading to Baddenagar Jalakumbh, Tidke Colony and Govindnagar. Many citizens of the CIDCO area regularly use this road shortcut. Thousands of vehicles criss-cross this place. A few years ago, a chamber and a new drainage pipe were laid on this main road by the municipal corporation’s drainage department. However, after the rains, the road deteriorated and the chamber collapsed along with the drainage pipe. Citizens have not been able to use this road for the last eight to ten days due to the collapse of the chamber on the road. As a remedy, the drainage service resumed work to connect the line two days ago. However, during the work, the drainage pipe burst again and all the sewage spilled in front of the houses of the residents of the area. The issue of citizens’ health has become serious due to the spread of stench from this sewage. The remedy is worse than the disease, even after ten to twelve days the drainage line and the chamber have not been worked. Interestingly, the main road was blocked with barricades by the concerned contractor and the municipality. Therefore, there is a situation where “the remedy is worse than the disease”, and the demand for finding a concrete solution in this regard is growing. As a result, motorists must take an alternate route, and motorists as well as local citizens demanded the immediate repair of the chamber and the road and the opening of the road.