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“Even the electoral commission is under pressure”; Congress leader made serious allegations against BJP…- Congress MP Nana Patole criticizes BJP over election commission



If the BJP itself says that the Congress party is the people’s party and the people are with the Congress party, we welcome that statement. At the same time, Nana Patole also blamed the BJP for being the party of a handful of industrialists.

While criticizing the BJP, he said if the Prime Minister gives free coal worth Rs. is

Nana Patole warned the BJP that if the BJP compares itself to the Congress candidate who was democratically elected, we salute it.

This time, with the by-elections, whether it is the Nagpur teachers’ constituency or the Amravati graduates’ constituency, today the Congress party is in control.

Educated people are now standing in favor of Congress. And this time, he also expressed his belief that the Kasba elections proved that the people’s vote is in favor of the Congress.

The Shinde-Fadnavis government of the state tried to insult the great men. Many BJP ministers have also tried to denigrate the idea.

Nana Patole expressed her belief that we will definitely see changes in Maharashtra because the BJP has ignored the issue of ordinary people.

Local self-government body elections belong to these activists. He also said on this occasion that decisions are made after considering all these issues at the local level, but the party with the largest majority is given weight there.

But he heavily targeted the BJP saying that we are worried whether these elections will take place or not.

When Bhim was in the opposition party there was a roar regarding OBC reserve but today we see census has started but he harshly criticized BJP for not doing caste census .

But the Congress passed the proposal regarding the OBC, but the time is not over yet, the BJP has now demanded that this census be done according to caste.

The question is to know why the local autonomous elections do not take place. Why is the electoral commission silent?

Why is the notification not published, the court also gave instructions, but the election commission is also suppressed somewhere and the BJP is afraid of losing, so the local self-government elections are not held , he criticized for the moment.

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