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Fooling young people into giving work to IndiGo, scams in the name of IndiGo! Cheating in the name of recruiting in the aviation service in Nashik – tricking young people into giving them indigo jobs



Mr. Ta. Representative, Nashik: Passengers will enjoy IndiGo flight service from Ozar Airport from March 15; But before that only a few thakas benefit in the name of this service. It has emerged that young men and women are being tricked into offering jobs at “Indigo”.

This is the kind

The service of IndiGo, which is the first private airline in the country, will start from Ozar from March 15, and flights will take off for four cities, namely North Goa, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Nagpur. His ticket booking also started a few days ago. For this reason, there is an atmosphere of excitement in the industry and tourism sector. However, some miscreants take advantage of this, and rumors spread that “Indigo” is recruiting employees. 5-10 thousand rupees were claimed online from 15-20 applicants under his name. Not only that, some applicants are said to have been summoned to Ozar airport for an interview. As this kind of thing has come to the ears of IndiGo management, they have clarified that no such recruitment is taking place.

indigo says…

People are misled by some people using the name “Indigo” or claiming to be the representative of the company. The company called on people not to believe rumors because “Indigo” never takes money for recruiting.


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