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gautami patil, Video: Don’t ask when you ask others can’t speak on viral video, Gautami patil emotional – gautami patil first reaction on pune viral video problem at nifad nashik program



Nasik: For the first time in the Nashik district, a dance program by the famous dancer Gautami Patil took place. Lavani Mahotsav was organized in Niphad taluk of Nashik. Banners of this program were also installed in the city of Niphad. Gautami Patil’s show saw fans flock to Lavani Mahotsava to literally buy tickets. Gautami Patil interacted with the media during the program held in Niphad, Nashik. Gautami Patil reacted to what happened in the program in Pune. Legal action is pending in this regard. I can’t say anything about that, said Gautami Patil.

Gautami Patil’s program at Niphad received a spontaneous response from the audience. Paid passes were kept for Gautami Patil’s program. However, a large number of fans flocked to buy passes.

A video of Gautami Patil went viral a few days ago. A few days ago, Gautami’s schedule also came under controversy due to a minor dispute in a schedule. Gautami declined to comment on this viral video. Gautami Patil said a lot of young people are rioting in our program this time, when reporters asked what you would do for them, I don’t want to say anything about it.

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I get the love from the public. The return of Gautami Patil is announced on social networks. I’m proud of it. We also feel good to have their support, she said. She also said that I have always received love from the public, I am happy to have more.

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Speaking on the viral video in Pune, Gautami said legal action was ongoing. A complaint has been filed with the police, I’m still talking about it, Gautami Patil said. The Women’s Commission took note of the video case. Gautami Patil said that Rupali Chakankar took notice, she is with him, she gave instructions to take immediate action. Gautami Patil refrained from commenting further saying that my state of mind is not good.

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