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Genius Krantitai; Akhki Dnyaneswari writes in reverse letters in 100 days; A unique record by writing 9033 inverted letters Ovya – dnyaneshwari



Komal Acharekar | Maharashtra | Updated: February 15, 2023, 5:13 p.m.

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Kranti Naik of Ahmednagar. In 100 days, Kranti Naik completed writing Dnyaneshwari in reverse script i.e. Leo script. His record was recorded in the book Genius World Record for India. Ms. Kranti Naik was a teacher in a military school. While cultivating this unique hobby, she previously wrote the documents she would need in reverse letters. But then he dreamed of doing something bigger and decided to write Dnyaneshwari Granth in Leo script. From September 22, Dnyaneshwari set to writing in reverse script and finished the entire book in just 100 days. After realizing that it was a record and no one had ever held a record for writing all of Dnyaneshwari backwards, he approached the Genius World Record Book for India. Kranti Naik’s record was also recognized. Kranti also received a certificate in this regard.