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Ghar ghar tiranga, Ghar Ghar tiranga: The government sent 51,000 flags, but what is it?… Shocked to see the bad condition! – 51,000 flags sent by government to Ahmednagar found to be damaged



Ahmadnagar: 51,000 flags that came to the city for distribution by the Municipal Corporation as part of the “Ghar Ghar Tricolor” campaign turned out to be bad. They were therefore sent back to the contracting company concerned. The central government launched this campaign on the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. For this, 51,000 flags were sent to the city. However, almost all of these flags were useless. There were badly printed, badly cut, torn flags. Therefore, the municipal corporation decided not to use it. (51,000 flags sent by government to Ahmednagar turned out to be bad)

On the occasion of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, the central government launched the “Ghar Ghar Tricolor” campaign. Marathiizing the same, the state government has planned the ‘Ghar Ghar Triranga’ campaign. This responsibility has been assigned to local self-government bodies, district administration, various government offices, NGOs. A call has gone out to buy a tricolor and put it on your house on August 15.

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The campaign is also receiving a broad response. The municipal corporation tries to hoist the tricolor flag over all the houses in the city. Such a call has also been made. The municipality itself bought 25,000 flags and opened sales centers in 22 places in the city to make them available to citizens.

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Some flags have also been requested from the government. As a result, the Municipal Corporation received 51,000 flags from the government. But we realized that almost all these flags were useless.

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