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Global Teacher Ranjit Singh Disale Guruji, take action against those who made the investigation report viral, Disale Guruji’s letter to ZP CEO – Global Teacher Ranjitsinh Disale Request Report Viral zp letter to ceo



Solapur : A five-member committee has conducted a thorough investigation and prepared a separate report on Ranjit Singh Deisle. However, “How did this confidential investigation report reach social media? Additionally, this is a serious matter under the Information Technology Act. Therefore, the Managing Director of Global Teacher Disley Guruji, Dilip, demanded that the concerned officials and employees who leaked the report defaming me should be thoroughly investigated and strict action should be taken against them.” A letter was written to Swami.

“The investigation report was not given to me when I asked for it”

A committee appointed by then Head of Primary Education, Sanjay Rathod, inquired about Ranjit Singh Disley Guruji’s failure to attend despite being assigned to the Institute of Education and Training of the district. After that, the current head of education Kiran Lohar appointed a five-member committee under the chairmanship of deputy head of education Sanjay Javir and conducted an investigation. As requested by this committee, Disley Guruji had submitted the disclosure. At the same time, he had requested twice and requested the report of the commission of inquiry. They did not receive this report. However, this report has gone viral on social media. Picking up on the same thread, Disley wrote a letter to ZP’s CEO expressing regret that “the investigation report was not given to me when I requested it and it was posted on social media. Actions must be taken against the relevant officials for breaching the privacy rules,” Disley made a major request in the letter.

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The district administration will make a final decision on the resignation on August 8

Ranjitsinh Disley tendered his resignation on July 7, 2022 to Madha, Group Education Officer. In accordance with the protocol, this resignation reached the officer of primary education. Within a month, a decision can be made to withdraw his resignation. But despite Chief Minister Eknath Shinde meeting Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Disley Guruji is adamant about stepping down. But the question arises whether his resignation will be accepted or rejected, whether he will withdraw his resignation on his own. The district administration will make a final decision on this on August 8.

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