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highway bus container accident news mukhed-latur, bus and container collide head-on, bus literally crushed; 9 passengers injured in horrific crash – bus and container collided head on crashed mukhid-latur highway bus 9 passengers injured in horrific crash



nanded : A horrific accident took place when a company bus and a container collided head-on near Dabde Shirur Patti near Mukhed on the national road Mukhed – Latur. In this accident, a total of six passengers including the driver ST, the conductor and two other passengers of the bus were injured. Meanwhile, the injured passengers said the container driver was drunk. This incident happened on Friday evening. The driver of the container escaped from the place where the accident occurred.

Bus number MH20 BL 2228 from Mukhed Agara came to Mukhed from Kamjalga village. While container No. GJ 05 BX 7642 was traveling from Mukhed to Latur, the driver of the container while attempting to overtake another vehicle collided head-on with the bus coming towards Mukhed at Dabde Shirur Patil. The impact was so violent that the front of the ST was literally shattered. ST driver Ramdas Kabir (40) and transporter MN Pandey, ST passengers Raghunath Maskale (50) and Pushpabai Bansode (52) were injured in the incident.

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Meanwhile, the container driver rammed Balaji Ganpatrao Hake (65), a pedestrian who was standing on the side of the road before the accident. Hake was seriously injured. Devidas Rathod (55, resident of Sanmukhwadi), a container passenger, was also seriously injured. After understanding this incident, Police Inspector Mukhed Vilas Gobade Police Station, Police Patil Madhav Takle, Social Activists Vitthal Manikrao Ghogre, Employees of Balaji Nagre Company, ST Sena’s Balaji Rindakwale, Nagorao Shetwad, Uttam Pavitra rushed to the scene and pulled the injured out of ST.

The injured were admitted to Upazila Hospital in Mukhed for treatment. Bus driver Ramdas Kabir got stuck in both legs and it took almost half an hour to get him out. Seriously injured bus driver Ramdas Kabir was transferred to Nanded for treatment after receiving initial treatment at Upazila Hospital in Mukhed after breaking both his legs. Other patients are being treated at Mukhed.

Patients injured in this accident were treated by doctor Dr Sudhakar Tahade, Dr Narendra Gadekar. Run to Upazila Hospital, Agar Pramukh R. Su Bodhe, Sushil Patki, Bajrang Kalyani, Bhagwan Rodge, Balaji Nagare, Upsarpanch Shivaji Rathod, et. Merlu, Balaji Shinde Billalikar, Vitthalrao Ghogre Pratap Kolhe Nagesh Lokhande, Ulhas Emde helped the injured. Meanwhile, the drunk container driver fled as soon as the incident took place.

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