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Hindu Garjana Morcha: Son of NCP leader Mahesh Kothe waves sword in crowd



Written by Irfan Sheikh | Maharashtra | Updated: February 28, 2023, 1:16 p.m.

Hindu Garjana Morcha | Over the past few days, Hindu thunder marches have taken place in many places across the state. Controversy after throwing plastic bottles at mosque, tea canteen and juice shop during Hindu Garjana Morcha in Solapur

Hindu Garjana Morcha Solapur
Solapur Hindu Roar March

Strong points:

  • A case has been registered against the organizers of the Hindu Garjana Morcha at Faujdar Chawdi Police Station
  • Dhananjay Desai of Hindu Rashtra Sena held a press conference and expressed his anger
Solapur: On behalf of the entire Hindu community, a huge Hindu Roar March was organized to demand three major demands: Love Jihad, Cow Slaughter Ban and Conversion Act. A complaint was filed against the organizers of the march at Faujdar Chavadi police station, alleging that plastic bottles were thrown at a mosque, a tea canteen and a juice shop during the march (Sarva Ra, Solapur) . Mahesh Kothe, the leader of the NCP of Solapur, participated in this march with his children. Some people in the march had swords in their hands. Such a report was made at the police station. Hindu Rashtra Sena leader Dhananjay Desai expressed his anger as soon as a complaint was filed against the organizers. He expressed his anger against the Solapur Police by holding a press conference at the Dhruv Hotel in Solapur.

A case has been recorded for riots during the march

According to documents received at Faujdar Chawdi police station, various religious organizations gathered on behalf of the entire Hindu community and organized a march called Virat. The march started from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk. Upon his arrival at the Khatik Masjid in Manik Chowk, people attempted to throw empty water bottles at the mosque. The security forces immediately pushed back all the youths, and after advancing they also attempted to vandalize Afzan Juice and A One Tea Canteen. One case of attempted breach of public order was recorded. Police Deputy Inspector Radha Narayan filed a complaint.
Pune: Roar of Hindu Janakrosh Morcha; Opposition to conversion, slaughter of cows, “love jihad”

Hindu Rashtra Sena’s Dhananjay Desai expressed outrage and demanded an investigation

Hindu Rashtra Sena’s Dhananjay Desai has expressed his anger at Solapur Police for filing a complaint at Dhruva Hotel on Monday night. Dhananjay Desai informed that the police are doing the job of creating fear.

Prathamesh Kothe, son of NCP’s Mahesh Kothe, joined the march swinging a sword

Late Monday evening, a case was filed against Prathamesh Kothe under the Weapons Prohibition Act at Faujdar Chawdi Police Station. Constable Vinod Vatkar from the Faujdar Chawdi police station filed a complaint.

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