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Home burglary, three and a half million homes robbed in two days



Mr. Ta. Representative, Nashik

Thieves stole jewelry and cash worth three and a half million from three houses in two days in the city. Police in Mhasrul, Sarkarwada and Ambad have filed charges against unknown persons in connection with these burglaries. Thieves have broken down the door of a house in the royal city of Krishna Resi at Swami Nagar in the Makhmalabad region. One lakh and fifty thousand rupees along with gold ornaments were looted from the house. Owner Kiran Vijayasa Tak filed a complaint with Mhasrul Police over the theft of Rs 2 lakh 76 thousand. Thieves also stole silver jewelery worth three thousand seven hundred rupees from the house of Pritam Kishore Desale at Bhardwaj Apartment in Tilakwadi. Desle filed a complaint with Sarkarwada Police in this regard. Along with this, thieves also ransacked a house in Dattanagar in Ambad region. Twenty thousand rupees along with gold ornaments were stolen from the house of Bapu Hari Dhavale. Dhavale filed a complaint with the Sarkarwada Police regarding the embezzlement of Rs.

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Theft of two-wheelers in Panchavati

Nashik: A two-wheeler was stolen from the premises of a bungalow in Madhuban settlement in Makhmalabad region. Satish Sonawane (43) filed a complaint with the Panchvati police in this regard.

A cyclist hit

Nashik: A high-speed truck hit a two-wheeler in front of the Panchvati market committee. Vasant Ganpat Gaikwad (50, Nashik Road) on a two-wheeler was seriously injured in the accident. In this regard, an accident case was registered against the driver of the truck RJ 27 GD 4868 in the Panchvati police.