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husband attacked his wife, Solapur : Husband attacked his wife cut off her ear due to suspicion of character, you will be shocked to read what happened… – husband attacked his wife s got cut off ear admitted to solapur hospital



Solapur: An incident took place in Navin Vidi Gharkul neighborhood of Solapur where a woman was beaten by her husband and her ear was cut off. The incident happened around 8 p.m. Saturday. After that, the victim’s mother and other relatives immediately admitted her to the government hospital. The doctor immediately treated her and operated on her ear. And his ear is tied with 30 stitches. The victim was identified as Arifa Akil Syed (30, Res. Navin Vidy Gharkul, Solapur). Suspicious husband Akil Shakeel Syed is currently on the run. The victim, Arifa Syed, went to Walsang police station to file a complaint after being treated in hospital.

The victim was a widow, later married to Akil Syed

The victim, Arifa Syed, was a widow. From 2015, she came into contact with Akil Syed. Akil is a rickshaw driver. Akhil was also married. He got married (nikah) to Arifa in 2019 when he was his first wife. Akil Syed has a son from his first wife. Akil had promised Arifa a good night before the wedding when she was widowed. But after the wedding, suspecting her character, domestic violence began. The female victim informed that Akil is still fighting after the arguments.

He came at night and beat, stabbed with a sharp weapon

Arifa was tired of Akil Syed’s troubles and migrated to the city of Pune. Arifa has two sons and a daughter from her first husband. Arifa came back to live with her mother because she could not settle in Pune. Ever since he came from Pune, Akil had been harassing Arifa, suspecting his temper and threatening to kill him. Akil Syed came with two of his friends on Saturday evening. He came in front of the house and abused. The argument turned into a beating. Arifa entered the house and started beating him. Akil stabbed Arifa with a sharp weapon he had brought with him. This blow fell on Arifa’s ears. The earpiece has come off. Akil fled as Arifa’s mother and children screamed.

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Hospital treatment of the victim

Arifa Syed was rushed to hospital by her relatives on Saturday evening. Doctors operated on Arifa and attached around 30 stitches to her ears. Married a second time as a widow. But the husband did a lot of violence. Moreover, Akil Shakeel Syed stays in the Shastri Nagar district of the city of Solapur. He is also a local leader of the NCP Congress party. Arifa Syed informed that she will go to Walsang police station and file a complaint against her husband.

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