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husband hacked police website he tried hard to impress his wife but made a mistake and got caught by police – husband hacked police website to erase passport of his wife arrested by cyber police later



Mumbai: Even the police are shocked to see what a young man from Uttar Pradesh did to get his wife’s passport early. Babu Shah, who lives in Ghaziabad, directly hacked the Mumbai police website to erase his wife’s passport. Shah, who is a civil engineer, was arrested by the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Service.

According to the Mumbai police, the accused’s wife was traveling abroad for work. So he wanted to impress her. Shah’s wife had presented the documents for the passport. There were no errors in these documents. However, as there was a delay in the arrival of the passport, Babu Shah hacked the Mumbai Police website and also erased his wife’s passport. Additionally, the passports of the other two have also been erased so that no one will be suspicious. Meanwhile, police withheld his wife’s passport after filing a complaint. The accused are in custody.

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The two whose passports were endorsed by the youths are residents of Antop Hill, Chembur and Tilak Nagar in Mumbai. The accused had used a system with an IPS address in Noida. Babu Shah, who lives in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, was arrested by the police. Shah lives in a house rented from UP. His wife works in Mumbai. Meanwhile, police declined to say how Shah gained access to the police website.

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