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Illegal sand mining Mandvi, the sand mafias are in trouble! 20 operations in Mandvi police in 7 months in case of illegal sand mining – 20 operations in Mandvi police in 7 months in case of illegal sand mining



Mr. Ta. Press Office, Vasai: Mandvi Police have stepped up their illegal sand mining campaign in Vaitarna Bridge and Julie Bet area. Since the new police station was set up seven months ago, the police have carried out operations on 20 sand pits there and arrested 38 sand mobsters.

Mandvi Police Station was recently established to reduce the burden of this station in the face of increasing crime and population within the confines of Virar Police Station. Vaitrana river basin area, Khardi, Khanivade area are included in this boundary. It appears from the crimes recorded at the Virar police station that most of the sand mining takes place in this area. Therefore, the administrative system has been prepared at all levels to curb the sand mafia in Virar and measures are being taken. As instructed by Senior Police Inspector Prafulla Wagh of Mandvi Police Station, action is being taken against illegal sand miners. In seven months since establishment of Mandvi Police Station, 20 cases have been recorded monitoring illegal sand mining in Khardi, Khanivade, Vaitrana. In this case, suction pumps used for sand extraction, illegal boats were vandalized and set on fire. Illegal sand transporters, JCBs, trucks were seized by the police. In five cases filed in relation to illegal sand mining, a tax penalty of Rs. 35 lakh has been filed in the Treasury so far. In addition, 38 sand mobsters were arrested.

CCTV, barricades will be set up and patrols will be increased

In the wake of the increase in sand mining crimes, in accordance with orders from the Bombay High Court, a review meeting was held in Waitrana last week to inspect the area where the illegal mining is taking place sand. Officials and representatives from Revenue Authority, Police, RPF, GRP, Maritime Council, Railways, Superintendent of Khar Bhumi were present at this meeting. On this occasion, using a boat, they went out to sea and inspected the Juli Island Vaitrana Bridge which is within the boundaries of Arnala Police Station. A large amount of Kandalvan trees have been felled there. Furthermore, the island was also observed to be eroded due to illegal sand mining. Therefore, the administration decided to increase patrols by installing watchtowers, CCTV, barricades in the area.

As most of the sand mining takes place in the Mandvi area, more and more activities are being carried out in this regard. Measures have been taken by the administration to prevent illegal sand mining. The action will be stricter.- Prafulla Wagh, Senior Police Inspector, Mandvi Police Thane


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