Independence Day This Never Happened Independence Day!, Pisarve Gram Panchayat’s Historic Ruling

Independence Day This Never Happened Independence Day!, Pisarve Gram Panchayat’s Historic Ruling

Pune: Sanctified by the touch of Rashtrasant Gadgebaba, the village today has truly given widowed women the right to live with dignity. While celebrating the nectar of independence, a historic decision was made to break the practice of widowhood by holding a special gram sabha and raising the flag on independence day by the same widowed women. The Herwad Gram Panchayat of Shirol Taluka in Kolhapur district had decided to stop the practice of widows. This model is under discussion in the state. Now Pisarve Gram Panchayat has taken the next step.

Gram sabha was organized in Pisarve in Purandar taluka. Balasaheb Kolte, sarpanch of Pisarve village, informed that a decision had been taken to break the tradition of infidel widows in this gram sabha. For the first time in the history of Pisarve Gram Panchati, a large presence of women was observed for this gram sabhas. Responding to the resolution proposed by Sarpanch Balasaheb Kolte and the appeal of member Yogita Kolte, all the villagers raised their hands and accepted the resolution to break the widow custom.

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Meanwhile, after this resolution was approved by the majority, all widows present were honored with turmeric-kunku, bangles and sarees in the name of senior village chief Srirang Vaikar and Gram Panchayat. A widow gave her reaction to this. I am a widowed woman. Our village today made a historic decision to end widowhood for widows. Today, in front of the whole village, we were honored with bracelets and saris. Who is behind the husband? Where there was such anxiety, today felt a lot of satisfaction, there is someone for us too. Rohini Suryavanshi made such a moving statement.

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