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jogeshwari murder news, what happened ‘that’ night? ‘He’ rushed in with bloody clothes, as the guard walked forward, he said… – guard attack on old couple in mumbai



Murder of Jogeshwari | Pappu first attacked Sudhir Krishnakumar Chiplunkar with a sharp weapon on him. Sudhir Chiplunkar fell as Pappu cut his throat.

Jogeshwari murder case
Elderly couple attacked in Jogeshwari

Strong points:

  • Pappu Gawli was in a rush leaving the building
  • When neighbors reached Chiplunkar’s house, the scene was shocking
Mumbai: An incident occurred at a company in the Jogeshwari area on Tuesday when a man working as a caretaker attacked an elderly couple with the intention of stealing. The incident happened at the home of Sudhir Krishnakumar Chiplunkar (72) and Supriya Sudhir Chiplunkar (65) of the Shree Samarth Society in the Meghewadi area of ​​Jogeshwari. About 15 days ago, Pappu Gawli was hired to help Sudhir Chiplunkar. However, at seven o’clock on Tuesday evening, Pappu Gawli stabbed Sudhir and Supriya Chiplunkar with a sharp knife in an attempt to steal. Sudhir Chiplunkar lay in a pool of blood after Pappu slit his throat. After that, Pappu Gawli also stabbed Supriya Chiplunkar. But Supriya Chiplunkar threw pots out the window and shouted and called people for help. Pappu got scared and ran away from there.
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Pappu Gawli was in a hurry when he attacked the Chiplunkar couple and ran out of the building. At that time, the caretaker of the building took him away. Pappu Gawli’s clothes were covered in bloodstains. When the guard asked the question, Pappu said, “Sudhir Chiplunkar fell out of bed. Warden Shashikant Kedar informed that Pappu Gawli had escaped saying he was going to fetch the doctor. Pappu Gawli had started working with Chiplunkar as a nurse 15 days ago. Pappu Gawli was reportedly caught immediately after attacking the Chiplunkar couple. However, he falsely tapped the building’s security post saying his grandfather had been injured in a fall. After that, Pappu left with his bag kept at the security post.
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According to police, when Pappu attacked, he stabbed Sudhir Chiplunkar in the neck and stomach. Due to this, Sudhir Chiplunkar lay in a pool of blood for a long time. After that, children from the building rushed Sudhir Chiplunkar and Supriya Chiplunkar to the hospital. However, Sudhir Chiplunkar had died before that. After this incident, the police filed a case against Disha Placements, a company that provides courier nurses. No background checks are done when hiring a person. Pappu Gawli was arrested in January 2022 in a bicycle theft case. After this incident, the inhabitants of the Samarth society are still not recovered from the shock. Supriya Chiplunkar is currently undergoing treatment in hospital and she is yet to fully recover. When neighbors reached Chiplunkar’s house after the attack, the scene was shocking. Sudhir Chiplunkar lay in a pool of blood. Pappu Gawli used to take Sudhir Chiplunkar for walks in the premises of the building every day. His face looked very calm. I never thought he would kill anyone, replied the caretaker of the building.

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