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junnar bailgada sharyat news today, VIDEO: As soon as the bullock cart exploded, directly on the roof of the house; In the bullock cart race the bull went on the roof of the house junnar yatra video went viral



June : After getting permission for bullock cart racing, now bullock cart racing becomes the main attraction of yatras from village to village. But it also turned out that there are a lot of accidents. A similar incident occurred in Junnar. Here, as the bullock cart race unfolded, the bull leapt and climbed directly onto the roof of a house. That’s it, bulls broke the roof of the house and you can see what happened next in the video.

At present, the craze for bullock cart racing in Yatrotsavam is in full swing in rural areas. Bullock cart enthusiasts sit on both sides of the ghat to see the planks shatter in seconds and the atmosphere of bullock cart fans screaming as the cart leaves the ghat gives a great thrill to the ghat. However, during the Kalbhairavanath Yatra in Belhe (Junnar), the car came straight out of the ghat as soon as the sound of Bhirrrr was heard. At that time, everyone was confused.

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After the bullock cart left the ghat, it went straight to a house. As the bull climbed onto the roof, onlookers went wild. However, the roof tarp broke under the weight of the bull, and a bull fell from the roof and ran out the door of the house. Finally, bullock cart enthusiasts managed to capture one bull while the other managed to descend on one side. The video of the bull climbing on the roof of the house during this race which took place on Thursday has also gone viral on social media.

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