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Kasaba by-election, BJP army could not reach Girish Bapat alone? 3 reasons to support Dhangekar! – girish bapat absence kasaba bypoll election campaign ravindra dhangekar vs hemant rasane



Pune: After the death of the late BJP MP Mukta Tilak, a by-election was held in the assembly constituency of Kasba Peth. Hemant Rasane of BJP and Ravindra Dhangekar of Congress had a very fierce battle in the city. While the results of this election are only hours away, The Strelema organization’s exit poll has come out and in this exit poll, Ravindra Dhangekar is seen winning with 15 thousand 77 votes. But the picture will be clear in a few hours. But the BJP, a stronghold for 30 years, is sure to have to think hard to find out why the election has become difficult.

This election was Ravindra Dhangekar against BJP. Because many top BJP leaders were camping in the city full time for Hemant Rasane’s campaign. It has been the stronghold of the BJP for 30 years. However, since the current MP for Pune, Girish Bapat, represents the Kasba, the BJP has never had to exert such force in the Kasba. However, Girish Bapat was unable to participate in this by-election due to health issues and it is likely that the BJP will be affected.

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While representing Kasba Peth assembly constituency from 1995 to 2019, Girish Bapat built a network of activists and voters. Regarding caste and religion, non-partisan voters have backed Girish Bapat for the past 25 years. Now these voters are leaving party support because Girish Bapat is not active.

The Assembly constituency of Kasba Peth mainly consists of two parts. East of Bajirao Road and West of Bajirao Road, the ideological and cultural change of voters is mainly observed. A Western voter is considered a traditional BJP voter while an Eastern voter is considered a Congress voter.

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But Girish Bapat’s contact was equally strong on both sides of this constituency. Since Girish Bapat is not active in this by-election, it looks like voters in the East are dropping BJP support altogether. While voters in the West region also seemed to say they would vote looking at the person. Hence, the BJP definitely felt the lack of Girish Bapat in this by-election. It is likely that Congress candidate Ravindra Dhangekar will benefit from Girish Bapat’s absence.

Girish Bapat’s absence benefits Dhangekar

Girish Bapat, who dominated Kasbay from 1995 to 2019, was unable to campaign in this by-election due to health issues. But Girish Bapat, who was ill, gathered the workers together and tried to revive the workers. The Brahmin community, a traditional BJP voter, has always supported Girish Bapat. But Girish Bapat never became an MP for the life of the city’s Brahmin community. Activists from all castes and religions had stood with Girish Bapat since 1995.

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Girish Bapat’s network of activists is not only in the Peth region but also in the eastern part of the Kasba assembly constituency where the Congress is considered a traditional voter. Therefore, political pundits say that if Girish Bapat had been active in the campaign, then all the electorate who believed in Bapat would have stood behind the BJP and Hemant roads.

Similarly, Rabindra Dhangekar is a fierce political opponent of Girish Bapat. Also in 2014, Ravindra Dhangekar fined Girish Bapat. Therefore, it must be said that the absence of Girish Bapat in the countryside and in the global system fell on the path of Ravindra Dhangekar.