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Kedar Dighe, Anand Dighe’s nephew Kedar Dighe case filed for threat of rape victim- Mumbai police file case against Kedar Dighe and his friend after woman complains



Mumbai: Shiv Sena party leader and former Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced the new Shiv Sena officials in Thane district two days ago. Anand Dighe’s nephew, Kedar Dighe, has been given the responsibility of Thane District Chief. A case has been filed against Kedar Dighe for threatening a victim of rape after obtaining the post of district chief. But not on Dighe’s friend. M. A case of rape and intimidation was recorded at Joshi Police Station. The victim alleged that Dighe’s friend raped her at a hotel in Lower Paral and threatened Dighe not to press charges.

What is the case exactly?

A young woman aged 30 to 32 works as a sales representative in a five-star hotel in Lower Paral. Kedar Dighe’s friend Rohit Kapoor visited this hotel to get a hotel membership. The girl alleged that Rohit raped her when she went to the hotel room to collect the dues check. The young woman said in the complaint that she was receiving threats from Dighe not to report the matter to the police.

The Kedar Dighe side has yet to come forward in this matter. We have to see what position Kedar Dighe will present regarding the crime with which he is charged.

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What is the case exactly?

The Complainant is a Club Ambassador in a private company and she works at a hotel in Lower Parel, Mumbai assisting guests and providing information on Marriott Club membership. On July 28, the accused Rohit Kapoor invited the complainant to a meal after telling her that he was taking membership of Club Meret and forced her to come to the room where he was staying under the pretext of paying the membership fee. When the said woman went to this room, the accused Rohit Kapoor sexually assaulted her. Said woman was scared and did not read about this incident anywhere.

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On July 31, the Namud woman informed her friends about the incident and when the accused Rohit Kapoor sent a WhatsApp message and asked for a response, he blocked her WhatsApp. Then, on August 1, when the complainant asked the accused through his friends, he gave no response and the accused Rohit Kapoor took the money through the mediation of his friend Kedar Dighe and told him not to tell anyone about the incident. It was claimed in the complaint that when the complainant refused, Kedar Dighe threatened to kill her. According to the complainant’s answer, no. Mr. Against defendants Rohit Kapoor and Kedar Dighe at Joshi Marg Police Station BDV Section 376, 506(2) A case has been registered under Crime is under investigation.

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