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Kya baat hain! Nashik police on scene in six and a half minutes; Always ready to help citizens – nashik police ranks sixth in the state in terms of response



Saurabh Bendale, Nashik: It was reported that after citizens called “112” regarding the complaint within thirteen police stations of the city police station, the police arrived at the scene in just six and a half minutes and brought the matter under control. situation.

According to the state police station’s response time records, Nashik ranks sixth in the state, with more than ninety “calls” handled during the day. Interestingly, in his “Feedback” register, Nashikkar expresses his gratitude to the police, and the police carry out the “Nashik Control” for an average of six minutes per month. Actions are now taking place under “Dial 112” in the country’s “control room”, and performance teams have started responding as soon as possible, as ordered by Police Commissioner Ankush Shinde. Actions taken by the control room on the instructions of the then deputy police commissioner, Pournima Chowgule, reduced the response time by eight minutes. Now Deputy Commissioner Prashant Bachhav has given instructions to the new teams. Under that, Friday’s police report recorded 92 calls, with an average response time of 6 minutes and 44 seconds. Gangapur police rushed towards the citizens in just 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

According to the daily report of March 3, the situation…

Police station – Dial 112 – Response time (minutes)

Gangapur – 2 – 2.13

Mhasrul – 11 – 4.21

Bombay Naka – 2 – 5.09

Panchavathi – 5 – 5.48

Sarkarwara – 5 – 6.09

Bhadrakali – 7 – 6.13

Suburb – 11 – 6.22

Adgaon – 13 – 6.41

Ambad – 14 – 7.22

Nashik Road – 11 – 8.24

Satpur – 6 – 8.41

Camp Deolali – 2 – 9.34

Indiranagar – 3 – 10.9

Vehicles under ‘Dial 112’ have a separate machine with ‘GPS’. After calls from citizens, Navi Mumbai control room informs the concerned control room and contacts the nearest “Dial 112” vehicle. The vehicle is summoned instantly and reaches the complainant in a very short time thanks to the latest technologies. After the help, the “Feedback” is recorded by the citizens. All of these systems are online and efforts are being made to further reduce Nashik’s “response time” by six minutes.-Ankush Shinde, Police Commissioner