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Lieutenant Saurabh Auti Last Rites to Ralegan Siddhi; Ralegansiddhi in depth! Army first officer, commended two years ago and cremated today



Ahmadnagar: Lieutenant Saurabh Bhaguji Ooty of Ralegansiddhi died accidentally while on duty in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. He was cremated with full military honors at Ralegansiddhi on Monday morning.

Lt. Auty’s vehicle was involved in an accident last week while on duty. He was seriously injured. He died on Saturday while undergoing treatment. Saurabh Ooty was the first to be directly selected as an officer in the army. After completing his NDA training, he joined the army as an officer two years ago. At that time, the villagers congratulated him. At this time, Ooty learned that the young people of the village would be guided by the army regarding recruitment. Unfortunately, two years later, it was time for the villagers to bid him a final farewell.

Lieut. Saurabh’s body was brought to Pune by an army plane and from there to Ralegansiddhi by an army vehicle. Sasrunayan bade him his last farewell at Ralegansiddhi. On this occasion, Senior Social Worker Anna Hazare, MP Dr. Sujay Vikhe, senior military and police officers were present.

Ooty’s father is a police inspector in Mumbai. Saurabh was directly recruited as an officer in the army two years ago. Joined the 168th Jammu Artillery Regiment. All the grandmothers and ex-servicemen of the Ralegansiddhi family gathered together and congratulated Saurabh at the hands of Hazare. Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh said, “After being trained by an organization like the NDA, one can face any situation in life. Seeing the work done by Annasaheb Hazare and my family members for the society and the country, I was also inspired to work for the country. From now on, he will guide young people to join the army.

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