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live as a killed partner, sitting next to the body for 12 hours; Spent 2 hours outside the police station, but… – nalasopara lives in a partner death case the accused spent two hours outside the police station after committing a crime



Nalasopara: The investigation into the Nalasopara murder case near Mumbai has revealed important information. Hardik Shah killed his girlfriend and hid her body in the bed. After killing his partner, Shah sat by his corpse for 12 hours. Senior Police Inspector Shailendra Nagarkar advised that the woman died 36 hours before the body was found. Defendant Shah fled 24 hours before the body was found. In this case, the Tulinj police registered a case of murder and arrested the accused on February 13.

Hardik Shah killed his 35-year-old girlfriend, Megha Dhansingh Torvi. Megha was originally from Gulbarga, Karnataka. After training as a nurse, she came to Mumbai for a job. Hardik and Megha had been in a relationship for three years. For the past six months he has been living in a rented apartment in Nalasopara. Megha was the only earner among the two. Hardik was unemployed. As Hardik fell into addiction, there were arguments between the two.

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After killing Megha, Hardik reached outside the Tulinj police station. Hardik was in the police station area for nearly two hours. He wanted to go to the police station and confess to the crime. But he couldn’t muster the courage for it. So Hardik fled from there. He was arrested by Rajasthan police and taken to Nalasopara on Wednesday. It was produced at Vasai’s court. The court remanded the accused into custody until February 21.
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Hardik and Megha used to have constant arguments. Hardik killed Megha during a similar argument. Hardik broke Megha’s cell phone during the fight. The two had no money to repair cell phones. Because of this, Hardik and Megha had a falling out. The neighbors grew tired of the daily arguments between the two. He reported it to the agent who secured an apartment for the couple. Because of this, the argument between the two erupted again. This time Hardik strangled Megha using a towel and killed her. After that, he hid Megha’s body in the bed.