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living as a couple, ending his girlfriend, then texting his aunt and…; Finally solved the mystery – Hardik took the life of his girlfriend living in a live relationship the accused was arrested by the police



Nalasopa: The incident where the decomposed body of a woman was found in the bed of a house took place in Nalasopara. In this case, the police investigation revealed the shocking fact that the young man who was in a relationship killed his girlfriend and the accused was arrested by the police.

More information about this is that local citizens had informed the Tulinj police about a strong smell coming from the house of Megha Moradi, who lives in Sita Sadan in the Tulinj region in Nalasopara East. Megha’s decomposed body was found in the home’s cot on Monday evening. After that, a murder case was registered at the Tulinj police station in this case.

According to police sources, Hardik Shah and Megha Moradi lived as a couple. Hardik is unemployed and Megha worked as a nurse. But these two were constantly arguing over money. Due to this argument, Hardik killed his beloved Megha by strangulation and hid the body in the bed of the house. It was Hardik who informed Megha’s aunt through a message that Megha was dead and that I was also going to kill myself. After that, Defendant Hardik’s phone was turned off.

I killed your mother, do what you have to do… Rs 50 dispute cost the woman her life

The police broke down the door and…

After the information provided by the locals, the police arrived at the scene and broke down the door of the house and entered inside. Then, Megha’s corpse was found in a cot in the house. Police took the body into custody and sent the body for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, Hardik had been on the run since said incident. Based on the mobile location of the accused Hardik, who was preparing to escape from the train, the police arrested him at the Nagda station with the assistance of the railway police.


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