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lots of new paanwala, turnover of lakhs, two brothers move in Mercedes; How did ‘Muchhad Panwala’ start in Mumbai? – Mumbai’s notorious muchhad paanwala named in high-profile drug case



Mumbai: Mumbai Crime Bench anti-narcotics cell has taken action against Muchhad Panwala who is famous and attracts thousands of people in Mumbai. This is not the first time that measures have been taken against “Muchhad Panwala”. Even earlier, NCB had taken action by issuing summonses to Muchhad Panwala. So there has been a lot of talk about who Muchhad Panwala is. So, let’s know the whole thing.

What is the problem?

In an operation by the anti-narcotics department, a stockpile of e-cigarettes worth 15 lakhs was seized at ‘Muchhad Panwala’. The goods were stored in the back of the shop located in Khetwadi. After the action taken by the ANC, the vice president of the traffic police registered a case and arrested the owner of Muchchad Panwala, Shivkumar Tiwari. Meanwhile, also earlier in 2021, NCB had made an arrest in a drug case.

Measures were also taken in 2021

The name ‘Muchhad Panwala’ has come to the fore in the Mumbai drug case. An Indian national not resident in Britain has been detained by the BCN. 200 kg of drugs were also seized from him. The name of Muchhad Panwala emerged from his investigation. ‘Muchhad Panwala’ has been accused of supplying drugs to elite clients. After that, he was also arrested.

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Who is Muchhad Panwala?

There is a ‘Muchhad Panwala’ store in Capes Corner, an elite locality in South Mumbai. Large entrepreneurs and merchants often visit this shop. People from Mumbai and abroad also line up to eat paan at this store. Muchhad Panwala’s clientele is huge. This shop is also an attraction for tourists.

In 1977 Pandit Shyam Charan Tiwari started Tapari. After that, her two sons started helping her. Tiwari quickly became popular with the locals due to his bushy mustache. Gradually, her business also boomed and her customers also started to increase. The shop is run by two brothers Shivkumar Tiwari and Jaishankar Tiwari. They run the shop for six months each. The two brothers drive in a Mercedes car. So he is in the list of South Mumbai millionaires.

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Muchhad Panwala has its own website. They also get online orders from online food portals. Today, ‘Muchhad Panwala’ has a daily turnover of lakhs. During major events and celebrations, the sheets are provided by ‘Muchhad Panwala’.


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