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Madhya Vaitarana dam, Madhya Vaitarana water will burn today; The victims of the project will demonstrate today at the gate of the madhya vaitrana dam



Mr. Ta. Press Office, Jawhar: Vaitrana Central Dam was built in Mokhadya 11 years ago to quench the thirst of Mumbai and its suburbs. However, the issue of project-affected villages and tribal villages is still pending. Due to repeated protests and hunger strikes, citizens of the project-affected and affected tribal villages will stage a sit-in protest at the entrance of Madhya Vaitrana Dam on Thursday, March 2, followed by a strike by the unlimited hunger. Hence, the water of Madhya Vaitaran will burn again.

Although Mumbai’s thirst has been quenched by the Madhya Vaitrana Dam in Mokhadya, the water supply system for the villages of Karegaon, Kaduchiwadi and Kochale is still incomplete. Hence, the tribals here face water scarcity. The tribals affected by the project were not employed by the municipal company. The municipality had banned the digging of wells under the dam as part of the village water supply. However, although there is an ecologically sensitive area there, the municipal corporation has started the construction of a four-story building and the blasting of the tunnel is in progress. Pits and sewers are dug in the forest area near the dam, and the remaining building materials are dumped everywhere. Low-rise protective walls have been built on the road leading to the dam. In all these places many animals fell and were injured, some animals died. The issue of plot holders is pending. Victims of the project alleged that the Forest Department conveniently ignored it.

The victims of the project had organized a protest sit-in in 2021 for the fulfillment of these demands. He was noticed by then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. After that Mumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Iqbalsinh Chahal also gave written assurance to project victims, Palghar district liaison officer of Shiv Sena Ravindra Phatak also met with project victims and has assured.

However, even after two years, no action has been taken on this. The administration and the representatives of the people completely ignored him. It created a feeling of wiping the water from the mouths of the tribals.