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maharashtra farm brinjal, 100 kg brinjal, recovered only Rs 66; Farmer depressed… – Farmer got only Rs 66 for 100kg brinjal in Pune market yard



Mr. Ta. Representative, Pune: A shocking incident took place at Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard in Gultekdi where a farmer got an income of just Rs 66 per 100 kg brinjal. Due to this type of depression, the farmer uprooted the eggplant crop in the field.

After selling 512 kg of onions in the state, the farmer only received two rupees, now the farmer in Purandar taluka gets 66 rupees for 100 kg of brinjal. Nana Tivate from Kumbhar Wan village in Purandar taluka planted 11 brinjal bunches in her farm. After three months of hard work, 95 kg of brinjals were produced. They were brought to Gultekdi market for sale. However, that day, 95 kg brinjal cost Rs. 305 for 10 kg brinjal and Rs. 285 for 10 kg brinjal. However, after deducting Hamali, Tolai, Bharai and the car fare, they were left with only 66 rupees. His receipt of this transaction has gone viral on social media.

Anticipating that the eggplant would fetch a good price in the market, Nana Tivate cultivated the crop using good fertilizers and medicines. In three months, the harvest yielded well in 11 guntas. However, he did not get the market price. However, Tivate himself snatched the harvest from the field, even the cost of a simple harvest was not incurred. His video also went viral.