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Maharashtra government advertisements on the st bus, “Rog Halyala, Injection Pakhalila”; Employee suspension action after bad ST bus scandal – viral photo of bhoom depot st bus with goes viral, three employees suspended



Dharashiva: A picture of a government advertisement on a dilapidated, windowless bus in Bhum Agar has gone viral on social media. Later, when discussing Governor Ramesh Bais’ speech, opposition leader Ajit Pawar raised objections to the advertisements on ST buses. In this case, Bhum Agar filed a stay action against three employees accusing them of negligence. The reaction to this action was felt in the Legislative Assembly on Friday. Ajit Pawar also expressed his displeasure and called for the action to be withdrawn.

Three employees of Bhum Agar, SN Haral-Vehicle Inspector, DB YDK-Vehicle Inspector, AU Shaikh-Assistant Craftsman Mechanic have been charged and suspended. The indictment says this action was taken after the windowless ST bus was taken out for the ferry. At that time, Ajit Pawar of the Legislative Assembly joked that it all meant “diseases, injections are given.”

Why act?

On 23-02-2023 MH 20 BL 0206 Dindori – Barshi windowless bus was released for the ferry. Consequently, photos of said bus went viral on social media and said vehicle was also mentioned during the state legislature session. This tarnished the image of the State Transport Corporation. When performing the job of a vehicle inspector, it is necessary to perform all inspections and restore the vehicle to good condition. But by negligence, said bus was given on purpose. Therefore, it was mentioned in the indictment that they are responsible for the said incident and the suspended employees were asked to clarify within the next 15 days.


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