maharashtra news, boyfriend stripped naked by police, name ‘Aruna’ seen on chest, solapur murder solved

maharashtra news, boyfriend stripped naked by police, name ‘Aruna’ seen on chest, solapur murder solved

Solapur: A person named Dashrath Nagnath Narayankar was murdered in the early hours of September 21 in the city of Solapur. The crime branch solved the crime within 24 hours. Aruna Narayankar, wife of late Dashrath and her lover Babaso Jalindar Balshankar, two suspects have been arrested. Both confessed to the police that they colluded and killed Dashrath Narayankar by slitting his throat. Woman Aruna held her husband’s head, while lover Babaso slits his throat with a knife. The two of them killed him very coldly after forming a plot.

Aruna’s Immoral Relationship After Marriage

Deceased Dasharath Narayankar was from Akkalkot taluka near Dombar. Aruna and Dashrath got married 12 years ago. After four years of marriage, Aruna and Babaso Balshankar from the village had an extramarital affair. Babaso left the village when her husband Dasharath learned of this immoral relationship. The Narayankar couple were staying at Kekde Nagar at Juna Vidy Gharkul in Solapur. Dasharath Narayankar was supposed to live near Dombar (Ta Akkalkot) for a few years after his marriage. As soon as her husband Dashrath Narayankar learned of the affair, he opposed it. Even after coming to stay in Solapur, Babaso Balshankar used to come and meet Aruna.

Her husband’s throat was slit in the middle of the night

Aruna and Babaso Balshankar hatched a plot two months ago to kill Dashrath. For this, they both bought a nylon rope, a knife from D Mart and sleeping pills from a medical store. The two were in contact via WhatsApp chatting on the night of the murder. By the time Balshankar arrived, she hadn’t even closed the door to the house from the inside.

On September 21 around 3 a.m., Aruna and Babaso Balshankar killed Dashrath Narayankar together by slitting his throat. Aruna held her husband Dasharatha’s head while killing. Babaso Balshankar cut his throat. After the murder, Aruna himself informed the police. “My husband was killed by a stranger for money reasons,” she said. MIDC Police took Aruna Narayankar’s response and opened an investigation. Aruna stayed with the police all day Wednesday and misled the police.

The crime branch investigated and revealed the true information

After getting the information about the murder, the Criminal Branch Police Team went to the site of the incident and inspected it at Kekde Nagar in Juna Vidi Gharkul. Kasoshi investigated and took information from relatives. Information about Aruna’s extramarital affair has come to light. While investigating thoroughly, when Babaso called Balshankar’s cell phone, his phone was switched off. The police have become more suspicious.

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Reports have been received that lover Babaso Balshankar will arrive in Solapur town at 11 p.m. Police immediately set a trap on Mulegaon Road and took him into custody at 11 p.m. After removing his clothes and launching an investigation, Babaso found the name Aruna tattooed on his chest. Along with Aruna, she informed that she had killed her husband Dashrath Narayankar. After the murder, the two would also run away.

A victim of the husband in an immoral relationship

Such was the end of an extramarital or immoral relationship. Aruna Narayankar and Dashrath Narayankar have a twelve year old daughter. Aruna had an immoral relationship with Babaso Balshankar. The husband was standing in the way of the immoral relationship between these two. So both of them killed Dasharatha by slitting his throat. The immoral relationship ended and Aruna lost her husband. A third person entered the sweet life of husband, wife and daughter and the whole family was ruined.

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