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maharashtra news today, wow! Laundry operator found 10 lakh gold ornaments in ironed clothes look what cardboard did… – laundry operator honesty about 10 lakh gold ornaments returned shirdi news



Shirdi: A laundry operator found gold jewelery worth Rs 10 lakh and cash worth Rs 20,000 in a bag of ironed clothes and returned them to the concerned customer. This act on his part is a good example of honesty that still survives today.

This incident took place in Rahata town of Ahmednagar district. Laundry businessman Rajesh Waghmare returned the jewelry and cash worth Rs. Rajesh Waghmare is showered with praise for his honesty in present times which is corrupted by the lure of gold, silver and wealth.

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No matter how much the world changes, there are exceptions to everything, ethics and honesty still remain in the world today. A customer brought a bag of clothes to Rajesh Waghmare, a laundry professional in the city, for ironing. Waghmare was unable to iron clothes in this bag for two or three days due to busy work. Then on the third day, while taking the clothes out of the bag to iron them, Rajesh Waghmare found a small cloth bag in this bag. Gold earrings, naths, bracelets and other ornaments and a cash amount of twenty thousand rupees were found there.

Waghmare immediately informed the affected customer by telephone and asked him to come to the store and take away his gold ornaments and silver. The concerned customer had no idea that he had gold ornaments worth around one million rupees and twenty thousand rupees in his bag. Still, this laundry driver showed his honesty and returned the gold ornaments and silver to the customer without any temptation. As soon as Waghmare’s relatives learned of this, the news spread throughout the town. Many people in the political and social sphere have praised laundry driver Waghmare for his honesty. The concerned customer also expressed his gratitude.

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Laundry is our traditional occupation and parents taught us good manners and honesty from the beginning. Therefore, more than gold, currency, silver, ethics and honesty in business are very valuable and cannot be matched by anything. Money from hard work will satisfy us, but we will never have enough of Haram. Therefore, laundry driver Rajesh Waghmare expressed the feeling that hard-earned money and hard-earned possessions have a place in our family.