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maharashtra political crisis why tell you what she spoke to uddhav thackeray as sister suspense due to pankaja munde statement – bjp leader pankaja munde talks with uddhav thackeray after shivsena symbol given to the shinde camp



Pune: After the Central Election Commission’s verdict on the Shiv Sena party and the bow and arrow symbol, there has been a lot of excitement in Maharashtra politics. There are a lot of political reactions to this. Now, BJP National Secretary Pankaja Munde has also reacted and explained her stance on the matter. On Monday, Pankaja Munde clarified his position by addressing the media while coming to campaign for BJP candidate from Chinchwad, Ashwini Jagtap.

I have always been curious about all these political situations. When I speak, it depends on the platform. I have a very personal and intimate relationship with everyone. But I would like to say that the current period is a difficult period for everyone. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde gave a new message that a worker can lead the party. They have the opportunity to make this message a success and to elect all the people who will be with them. They have the ability to serve people through power. Pankaja Munde said so.
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On the other hand, Uddhav Thackeray faces the big question of forming a party in the absence of a Shiv Sena party name. They’ll find answers to those questions and move on, so Thackeray and Shinde will interest me in the future. Pankaja Munde also said so. In the meantime, as a sister, have you spoken to Uddhav Thackeray? When Pankaja Munde was asked this question, she said, why should I say in front of you what I mean as a sister. So I’m not old enough to advise Uddhav Thackeray. I’m everyone’s little sister. She also said that.

Munde said the Chinchwad and Kasbya by-elections should have gone uncontested. The question of whether or not to run in the electoral arena is now outdated. Everyone wanted this election to go uncontested but now that the people have entered the fray there is going to be a fight. Pankaja said it will become clear after the result that someone’s words are settling in people’s minds.
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Pankaja Munde also reacted to the fact that even when 40 star activists were with the BJP, ailing Girish Bapat was lined up. What shall we do now that the BJP has more star activists. Bapat Saheb is a senior leader. But if the party feels that its blessing is necessary for this election and if Bapat Saheb wants to do so, there is no reason to have a problem there,” expressed Pankaja Munde.